Kisah, intro, Boomerang cover

​Using Fender Telecaster with Valeton Tube Engine plugged directly into Yamaha AG 06 mixer. The volume knob on guitar is in half position whilst the drive on pedal is cranked to max. Recorded on iPhone and edited on iMovie for iOS.

Tablature dari video ini dapat diunduh di sini


Kehadiranmu (Boomerang Cover)

​Using Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul and ES 175 with Fishman Piezzo and Vox Mini Amps. Drum and bass part is done using Garage Band on my Macbook Air with MacOS Sierra.

Recorded on Yamaha AG 06 Mixer and iPhone, the clip is combined on Final Cut Pro.

I intent to add the vocal part but still not sure with my own voice yet, 🙂 .

I didn’t mean this for a karaoke or minus one at start, 🙂

Not Enough Disk Space to Install High Sierra?

Just move the installation file to flash drive.

It’s on Application folder. Just drag it to flash drive.

Just make sure that it have ntfs or hfs or Mac OS Extended format. FAT will not be able to copy it since it’s more than 4GB.

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